DIY Christmas Ball Tree

DIY Christmas Ball Trees

Christmas is the season for DIY home decore. This is just one of the many reasons why I love the holidays. Every year, my mother and I go window shopping for holiday decore. We hit up all of the big stores like Bowrings, The Bay, Pier 1… we literally spend hours walking slowly through the displays, taking in all of the decorations and visualizing how we would put them together in our home. We often come out empty handed though, not because we didn’t LOVE them all, but because they were too darn expensive. This year, I started looking at how these decorations were made, and I thought to myself, “I could make some of these!” It hit me when my mother and I were in The Bay looking at the Christmas ball trees. We thought they were so beautiful, but when we looked at the price tag, it just didn’t fit our budget. I took a closer look at the trees, and the materials that were used look familiar. I recognized the balls to be very similar to the ones I’ve seen in the dollar store. We ended up taking a trip to dollarama, and purchasing a few tree forms, many cases of balls and a couple of glue guns. This is my favourite part about this piece of DIY holiday decore… ALL OF THE MATERIALS CAME FROM THE DOLLAR STORE! Below, you will find step by step instructions on how to make these beautiful trees. Enjoy!


  • tree frames (with synthetic pine needles as pictured in image 3)
  • ornament balls (a variety of sizes and textures looks best)
  • glue gun

How To:

  1. Begin by organizing your materials on a flat, clean surface. This project can call for quick hands and quick access to materials due to the nature of the glue, so it is important that all of your materials are easily accessable. It helps to take all balls and glue sticks out of the packaging so that all materials are at the ready.
  2. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Use the largest sized balls for the bottom row. Hot glue the end of the ball meant for hanging on and around the tip. Immediately place on the base of the tree. Repeat with the large balls in a full circle around the base.
  3. Continue gluing balls to the tree, remembering to work your way up. Start incorporating other sized balls as well. I find that having three varying sizes looks best.
  4. once you’ve worked your way up, you will notice that there are gaps inbetween the balls. This is where you get to layer up the balls, adding texture to your tree. use the small and medium sized balls to fill in the gaps. These balls will be glued to the tops of the other balls, so it is important to be discree with the glue, so that the glue is not noticable when you look at the tree. The quickest way to go from an elegant looking tree to a cheap looking tree is to see the ‘behind the scenes’ construction of it all. So hide that glue!
  5. When you are finished, top your tree off with a smaller ball. This creates the illusion of the point, and draws the focus of the tree upwards. Let the tree sit for an hour so everything has the chance to settle.

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