Coconut Oil


My Journey With Coconut oil

“Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s coconut oil.” -Unknown

This is the stuff of miracles. Seriously. Coconut oil has so many incredible uses and it has totally transformed my health, skin, hair and nails. I had used coconut oil as a cooking oil, and I had heard that it could be used for skin, but as a someone with combination skin, I was worried about breaking out. Eventually, I bit the bullet and tried it out. I started incorporating coconut oil into my routine by washing my face with it in the morning. I found that it made my skin feel super hydrated and soft, and it actually kept my oils at bay throughout the day. Who would have thought that you could use oil to control oil?! I also found that my overall skin tone had improved, and my eyebrows and eyelashes were looking healthier and thicker. Pleasantly surprised with my coconut oil results, I continued to research other uses for this miracle stcoconut oiluff. I found that it was also great for hair health, so I started using it as a hair mask. After a few uses my hair felt softer, shinier and more nourished. My scalp also felt less dry during harsh winter months. My fiancé who has suffered for years from a very dry, itchy scalp, tried it and was amazed at the results. He told me that coconut oil helped more than any drugstore/medicated product he has ever tried! Growing up with him for seven years, I know the struggles he has gone through with finding a solution to his constantly irritated scalp. It was such an amazing feeling when I found something that actually worked for him!

Elated at all of the positive effects I was seeing from using coconut oil, I furthered my research. I found out that coconut oil has incredible effects if ingested daily. According to several sources on the World Wide Web, coconut oil is an immune system booster! As a professional student, teacher and part-time employee, immune system boosting is oh so necessary. Coconut oil added to daily smoothie… check! I also found that it increases energy, improves digestion, remedies several skill ailments, supports weight loss, reduces stomach fat, balances hormones, and builds muscle! After just a week of ingesting coconut oil in my smoothies or straight from a spoon (gross), I noticed that my energy was definitely increased. I also noticed significant improvements in my overall digestion, and bloating had become a thing of the past. My skin also started to look brighter and healthier, a result of topical and oral coconut oil use I’m sure.

As a bonus, I found that with the use of coconut oil with my hands (putting it in my hair, on my skin, etc.), my nails were growing stronger, longer and healthier than ever! I am particular about my nails so this was such a plus for me. I currently use whatever large tub of coconut oil is on sale from Costco. There is some debate over whether refined or unrefined is better. I personally favour unrefined because it is less manipulated and pure. If you find a difference, let me know in the comments below! I would also love to hear about your journey with coconut oil. Happy coconut oiling!



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