Othello Scene Comics

This is a great activity for engaging your senior students with Shakespeare’s Othello. It allows them to interact with the play in a fun and engaging way, while familiarizing them with the language and plot. Breaking down language and plot barriers are the first steps to engaging students with Shakespeare. Once they can get past the language, and understand the storyline, they can start making connections with the text.

I believe that if taught in the right way, Shakespeare should be fun! I always start by telling my students that Shakespeare’s work is meant to be heard aloud, not read silently in their heads. This means that my students are up and playing with the text, performing it and reading it aloud with, “as much feeling as you can muster!”. I tell them that when they can experience the words on the page, they can understand Shakespeare.

Here is a link to the PDF version → Othello Scene Comics

Othello Scene Comics.jpg


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